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Student License

Recently I was looking for a url extractor program because I am building a search engine and I have tried near 20 of them, all with some missing features. But WDE seems to be the best one right now. I am just a student and the normal price is way high for me. Do you have any student license to offer? I would really appreciate it.

Best Regards, Jeffrey Richardson, Sweden


Web Addresses

We downloaded and ran the trial version of your web link extractor. I compared it to another email extractor program and yours kicked it's butt. Your's scanned 9000 files while finding over 1500 links vs. the other only scanned 1200 file, and found only about 400 links. (This was using the exact same search file).

Thanks, Mark Jeter


Email List Management

A perfect tool for email marketing mailing lists creation, processing and management.

Versions Web Data Extractor

v8.3 (Released 27.12.2011):

  • Added showing "No emails found" at Emails page
  • Added duplicates removing when loading URLs from a file
  • Fixed a few hangs/deadlocks
  • Added filter combobox at Emails page

v8.2 (Released 06.07.2011):

  • Updated search engines list
  • Added button "Translate" for "Search keywords:" area. This button allows to translate typed keywords into other languages by using Google Translate
  • Added button "Export of domains without any emails" in result tab "Emails"
  • Stability improvements
  • Various fixes

v8.1 (Released 27.12.2010):

  • Reworked multi-threading engine.
  • Improved URL-parser
  • Various fixes

v8.0 (Released 01.07.2010):

  • Improved search engines processing
  • Improved search of non-standard HTML formatted sites
  • Improved data autodection (UTF-8, header, etc)
  • Added advances network/connection processing (Human factor option, incorrect server responses, etc)
  • Windows 7 support was added
  • Various fixes

v7.3 (Released 17.06.2009):

  • Improved sites encoding processing
  • Site/Directory/Groups length limitation is now removed
  • Multi-threading engine is improved and now more stable
  • Some improvements for Email filter settings layout
  • Phone and fax scraper improved. The algorithm is more accurate now
  • Fixed some GUI tweaks
  • Improved crawling for sites with non-valid content or wrong server responses
  • Fixed "Stay with full url" and "Follow offsite links" options which failed for some sites before

v7.2 (Released 10.04.2009):

  • We are continuously improving our product. This version contains improved algorithms to find emails, phones and faxes, based on our users experience and feedbacks
  • Set of common used phone/fax prefixes extended
  • User defined email scraping prefixes are added
  • More powerfull Intelligent spidering, it supports all user defined prefixes now
  • Improved search engines processing
  • Smart detection of the binary data
  • User interface tweaks and changes, including Tray icon and more

v7.1 (Released 15.04.2008):

  • Phone and fax numbers search algorithm has been improved
  • The function that allows to create a new session was added. The peculiarity of this function is the installation of standard settings after the reset of search parameters
  • If you define keywords while searching on the site or on search engines the new function is provided. A column with keywords based on which the search was performed appears in results table. Each found link conforms to the keyword that appeared with that link on the webpage in search
  • The search algorithm of the links represented as table elements has been improved. The following situation is possible: the prefix is located in one table cell and the number in another. The previous software version could have skipped such a phone number. Now this defect has been fixed
  • The function performance allowing to switch to external links has been fixed
  • Vista support was added
  • The possibility to edit program settings without clearing search results was added
  • The set of the existing search engines was updated and enhanced, search engines for more countries were added, all non-existent search engines were deleted
  • The engine was revised and optimized
  • Small bugs were fixed

v6.0 (Released 17.04.2007):

  • New design
  • Database supports
  • Faster parsing
  • Updated search engines
  • Many other improvements

v5.0 (Released 06.07.2006):

  • New interface
  • New parsing
  • Ability to reopen session with extracted data
  • Updated search engines
  • Many other improvements

v4.3 (Released 20.09.2005):

  • Powerful email filtering functions
  • Updated search engine listing
  • Extracting urls from search results only and other improvements

v4.0 (Released 11.12.2004):

  • Search Engine support of 30 countries
  • Page body extraction module
  • Keyword generator
  • Url generator
  • Intelligent spidering mode to extract more data without spidering entire site
  • Set 'meta tag size' limit option