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Student License

Recently I was looking for a url extractor program because I am building a search engine and I have tried near 20 of them, all with some missing features. But WDE seems to be the best one right now. I am just a student and the normal price is way high for me. Do you have any student license to offer? I would really appreciate it.

Best Regards, Jeffrey Richardson, Sweden


Web Addresses

We downloaded and ran the trial version of your web link extractor. I compared it to another email extractor program and yours kicked it's butt. Your's scanned 9000 files while finding over 1500 links vs. the other only scanned 1200 file, and found only about 400 links. (This was using the exact same search file).

Thanks, Mark Jeter


Email List Management

A perfect tool for email marketing mailing lists creation, processing and management.

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